So, here’s a BIG secret to RDS. Create a new RDS instance. Allocate the minimum amount of storage possible. Then, increase that storage by 5GB (only works on Oracle and MySQL) until you hit how much you want. Yes, this is slow, yes, this is a HUGE pain in the ass. But, everytime you increase storage, you’re striping disks. More disks = better io and less seek time and in turn reducing CPU load and increasing responsiveness.

  • RDS 의 MySQL 최적화 팁으로.
  • RDS 인스턴스를 생성할때 가능하면 작은 스토리지를 생성하고.
  • 용량을 증가시킬때도 최소한인 5GB 씩 늘리라는 것이다.
  • 그렇게 증가시킬대마다 디스크 stripe (줄무늬)가 생기고.
  • 그래야 좋은 IO, seek time, CPU 시간 감소, 반응속도가 빨라진다.